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Robot Unicorn Attack is one of the most addictive flash games you will ever play. The game seems fairly simple at first, but if you play it twice or three times, you won't be able to stop.

Your unicorn will start running as soon as the game begins. You just have to press the Z key for jumping and the X key for dashing through obstacles. The more you survive without falling into a hole and without crashing, the more points you will collect. You have three lives, but after that, you will have to restart the game. There is only one level and the unicorn will run faster and faster until you won't be able to control it. A good way to gather more points in Robot Unicorn Attack is focusing on dashing through the large starts that sometimes appear in front of you. The first one you destroy will give you 100 points, the second one 200 and so one. However, if you jump over one instead of destroying it the following one will only offer you 100 points. The flying fairies are only worth 10 points, so you don't have to focus on getting them at all. Holding the Z button will make the unicorn perform a much longer jump, so try to time the release perfectly if you want to land in the right place.

One of the things you will notice in Robot Unicorn Attack is the background melody which will certainly remain in your memory for days after playing it.You can also listen and download Robot Unicorn Attack song here.

Robot Unicorn Attack is one of best flash games from Y8 games

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